Polyester and Melamine Faced Blockboard

Polyester Blockboard is produced in unique factories understanding the skill to work the paper and resins and produce a high quality finished panel. These factories have dust free production areas ensuring high gloss surface on the finished product. On request, matt finish can be produced as well. Our selected factories are in Indonesia and China.

Melamine Faced Blockboard is rapidly becoming more popular among end- users and seeing a pick-up in shipped volumes. We supply from specialized Chinese factories producing this material. The factories are highly skilled to laminate light blockoard base panels to become a strong finished decorative panel. The selection of paper designs is in the hundreds and we are sure among them are the designs you require.



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We maintain excellent product knowledge, ensuring we can properly fulfil our customers' requirements...

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With many suppliers around Middle East, and office in UAE, Saleh International offers an excellent supply chain.

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