Container de-stuffing

Unloading of containers to retrieve the cargo can be executed by a choice of parties. Customers may deploy their own staff or can instruct arrival ports or general logistics companies to perform these operations.

General logistics companies and ports lack the special knowledge pertaining to our products, may cause damage or not detect wrongly shipped cargo. Customers may lack specialized equipment and trained staff,  as their volumes may be limited and it may not be economical to develop and invest in these operations.

In Dubai we have developed a highly specialized operation, operated by well experienced staff and supported by in-house developed de-stuffing equipment. It enables us to de-stuff containers swiftly, safely and without causing damages to the sensitive materials. (see also here )

  • Specialized de-stuffing equipment, inclusive loading/unloading ramps, forklifts, packing equipment
  • Well trained and experienced staff 
  • Highly efficient clearing due to unequalled experience in de-stuffing containers
  • Up to 30 x 40' containers de-stuffed per day
  • Last minute clearing avoiding container- and port-demurrage
  • No damages in de-stuffing because of product experienced staff
  • Instant notice of missing cargo or damaged cargo
  • Repair of damaged packing if recoverable

How we help Suppliers

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