How we help Suppliers

Product and Market Knowledge

We maintain excellent product knowledge, ensuring we can properly fulfil our customers' requirements. Additionally our knowledge of manufacturing and production processes is crucial to help factories determine which regional markets to serve profitably. It is the combination of market expertise and the understanding of manufacturing that helps us to develop successful product/market combinations.

For many manufacturers we have been able to develop and introduce new products in our markets. Driven by customer demand, we are always looking to add to the portfolio, but with the precondition that we can continue to add value. Acquired product and manufacturing knowledge will lead to tangible customer benefits.

Mode of Operations

Depending on the actual situation :

  • We negotiate the contract between customer and supplier and operate as a value adding commission agent. This is our typical mode of operation outside the UAE.  In the UAE we add extra value to the local customers by providing integrated logistics services, eliminating many operational issues for the local importers. The integrated offers increase competitiveness versus straight products sales.
  • We import directly from the supplier and re-sell to the end-user customer inclusive of integrated services. These services may include re-export.
  • We offer suppliers to store products in our warehouse in the UAE either as buffer stock, for market introduction or to facilitate urgent and just-in-time supply to customers.

Market Volumes

Our market is the fast growing building materials and furniture market, driven by the continuing building and construction boom in the entire Middle East region. The market for SIC’s current products is an est. $2 billion/year or 7 million tons/year. Annual growth is 15% and expected to sustain for the next 5 years. The UAE market is about 12% of the total Middle East market. Many of the goods shipped to the UAE are re-exported.

Distribution Channels

Commensurate with our business model and market volumes, our distribution network consists of Wholesalers and downstream Manufacturers. Wholesalers typically make volume sales and provide stock buffering. They provide instant delivery and credit services to their downstream retail customer base. Manufacturers require timely deliveries as raw materials for their production lines. We generally do not supply retailers.

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